Medvezhe Ozero

Medvezh’e Ozero


a mud-cure and balneological health resort in Kurgan Oblast, 25 km from the Petukhovo railroad station.

The climate at Medvezh’e Ozero is continental, with warm summers (average July temperature, 18°C) and cold winters (average January temperature, - 19°C) and about 300 mm precipitation per year. The resort’s therapeutic attractions include the silty mud and natural brine of Lake Medvezh’e and nearby springs with ferriferous chloride-bicarbonate-sulfate-sodium-magnesium waters (used for beverage treatment). Treatment is provided for patients with diseases of the organs of motion and support, the gynecological and peripheral nervous systems, and accompanying diseases of the digestive organs. Medvezh’e Ozero has a sanatorium and water and mud-bath facilities.