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Technical Manager of Meercat Boats Jim Mair said: "Guernsey Harbours' tender was extremely challenging due to the complexity of the multiple tasks the new workboat is expected to undertake.
Alex Hirst, manager of Distinct Darlington, said: "Meercat Associates has already met a few of our independent retailers and identi-fied potential savings of around PS20,000.
Meercat is on target to complete the 14m by 5m vessel for the harbour authority s fleet in mid-November.
He last appeared with the RSC in 2001 playing the clown Feste in Twelfth Night (he had some songs in that) before his two years in The Lion King as Timon the meercat.
Mr Riley said mistakes had been made and animals including a red-handed tamarin, common marmosets, a meercat and an otter belonged to him personally.
Once I put my head up like a meercat and a mate of mine, whom I still see today, smacked me on the napper with a stone.
The story remains the same - feisty young lion cub Simba "just can't wait to be king", but he falls prey to ambitious uncle Scar who tricks him into fleeing his homeland and taking up a carefree lifestyle with a meercat and a warthog.
After their first burst of pleasantness, respond with, I see Robson is playing Jenas in a more deep-lying role, allowing Dyer to support the strikers' or 'Apparently, Brad Pitt has grown a third leg and is living with a meercat in Doncaster'.
And I can guarantee that one of the most popular areas will be the meercat enclosure, with dozens of children laughing, pointing, making squeaky noises and shouting 'seemples'.
Office workers will almost certainly have witnessed a meercat moment, when every neck in the office simultaneously stretches up and swivels round to see what's going on.
Children got up close and personal with a range of creatures including an African pygmy hedgehog and a meercat.
You can watch the otter display, take a ferret for a walk, cuddle a skunk, meet a meercat or get close to birds of prey, a wallaby, beavers, insects, reptiles, sheep and chinchillas.