Meeting Engagement

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Meeting Engagement


a type of combat action of troops in which both sides try to fulfill their prescribed missions through an offensive. A meeting engagement may occur at the beginning of a war as a result of the clash of troops that simultaneously passed to the offensive, in the course of the development of an offensive to repel enemy counterattacks and counterthrusts, and in defense during the advance of second echelon and reserve troops to fight an enemy who has broken through. A meeting engagement is usually characterized by the rapid approach of two sides, a frequently changing and confused situation, the fluidity of combat action, an extreme lack of time for organization, the engagement of troops from the march column, the presence of ex-posed flanks, and the freedom to maneuver.

The most characteristic methods of troop action in a meeting engagement are anticipatory fire strikes at the enemy, the use of advanced detachments and airborne troops, the speedy commitment of the main forces to combat, and strikes by the main force at the flanks and rear of the main enemy grouping in order to split it up and route it in a short time. If, because of prevaiing conditions, one side decides to discontinue the offensive, the meeting engagement turns into other types of combat action—either defensive-offensive action or retreat and pursuit. A meeting engagement may also grow into an encounter battle (on a larger scale), which is conducted by operational commands and has the same characteristics as a meeting engagement.


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When you're out on the town, your first meeting engagement should be just like we do key leader engagements in-theater.
An enemy ambush became `a meeting engagement.' A rifle company that had been outmanoeuvred and overrun `fought a running battle in hand-to-hand combat.' When the enemy finished fighting and withdrew with its dead and wounded, it was said to have `fled the battlefield.' These military versions of events were reported by the press without judgment.
Mindful Eating, another pillar of the Meet with Purpose initiative, recognizes food's direct effect on meeting engagement, productivity and the environment and highlights ingredients that boost energy and help guests maintain focus throughout the day.
"It is a meeting engagement but then 'yon nga nasa taas ang kalaban.
Padilla described Saturday's firefight as a meeting engagement or fighting at extremely close range, coupled with improvised explosive devices (IED) planted by the enemy.
For example, a squad table can be designed to where the platoon is the maneuver effort in a meeting engagement. With notional BFV radio traffic, adjacent maneuvering squads or squads in a near support-by-fire position can call situation reports to the platoon leader.
Cenabre, however, denied that what happened was an ambush, insisting that it was a "chanced meeting engagement." "Our troops were not able to reposition and retaliate because the engagement was within the civilian area which is adjacent to a mosque.
Combat studies have shown that in this role snipers make a significant contribution only during the initial maneuvering in a meeting engagement or assault.
Macron said Trump agreed on the initiative but could not attend because of bilateral meeting engagements.