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(Or "Mb") megabytes or megabits. When referring to the size or data transfer rate of a storage device which is accessed in multiples of eight bits (e.g. RAM, hard disk) this almost certainly means megabytes, but when referring to the data transfer rate of a communications system it probably means megabits. Some years ago, it is claimed, "MB" always meant megabytes and "Mb" meant megabits but recently this useful distinction has been lost.


(1) (MB) (MegaByte) One million bytes (1,000,000 bytes or 1,048,576 bytes). See mega and space/time.

(2) (MB) (MotherBoard) On references to basic hardware components, MB often means motherboard or mainboard.

(3) (Mb) (MegaBit) One million bits (1,000,000 bits or 1,048,576 bits). In communications, mega typically refers to 1,000,000. In storage, mega typically refers to 1,048,576. Lower case "b" for bit and "B" for byte are not always followed and often misprinted. Thus, Mb may refer to megabyte. See mega and space/time.

A Whopping Hundred Megabytes!
Back in the 1970s, all these 14" disks held in total was 100 megabytes. Today, that much platter space would hold 10,000,000 megabytes. (Image courtesy of The Computer History Museum, www.computerhistory.org)
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base pairs, the number of base pairs in a megabase, by the 300 base
In contrast, a bacterium's genome typically comprises 1 to 4 million base pairs, or megabases (Mb), of DNA, almost all of which encode genes.
The system does not use DNA fragmentation or amplification, which are typical with next-generation sequencing, thus providing sequence data over extremely long "reads", ranging from hundreds of kilobases to a megabase, where the sample's structural information is kept.
8-3 Depth (m) 5 2 Megabase pairs 413 1,940 Mean read length (bp) 368 551 ORFs [(mean [+ or -] SD) %] 81.
11] bp/ sequencing run sequencing run Computational Moderate High requirements Cost per megabase High Low Accuracy High High Future directions - * Direct sequencing of DNA molecules * Nanotechnology for sequencing * $1000/genome * Affordable qualitative and quantitative sequencing of entire transcriptomes without reference database * Unbiased genomewide approach to alternative splice variants, DNA methylation, and histone modifications Table 3.
In the current era of megabase DNA sequencing, there is a need for analytical methods that extend beyond the level of single genes or gene clusters and allow us to characterize genome features more globally.
en Morelos, en los que se llevo a cabo una revision exhaustiva de la coleccion del MZFZ y del MZFC con su megabase de datos MARIPOSA y de la literatura especializada sobre las especies citadas para estas areas.
On TheScientific World site, methodsBASE will have links to fulltext articles and documents supplied from sciBASE, the megabase covering input from several established databases (MEDLINE, CAB Abstracts, and others) as well as fulltext sources.
Una megabase de datos de mariposas de Mexico y la regionalizacion biogeografica, p.
The amplicons were purified by using the QIAquick PCR purification kit (QIAGEN) and sequenced on a MegaBase 1000 DNA sequencer (GE Healthcare, Chalfont St.
In reality megabase deletions cannot be distinguished from kilobase deletions because of the size limitation of lambda phage to be packaged.
TheScientific World also continues to expand its sciBASE megabase collection of citations to a full range of scientific and technical published literature.