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a stone of great size, esp one forming part of a prehistoric monument



a structure made of huge blocks of undressed or crudely dressed stone. Megaliths include dolmens, menhirs, cromlechs, cists, and covered galleries. They are found throughout the world, except Australia, primarily in coastal regions. In Europe, megaliths generally date from the Aeneolithic period and the Bronze Age (3,000-2,000 B.C.); those in England, however date from the Neolithic.

It is not always possible to establish the purpose of a particular megalith. For the most part, megaliths were used for burials or were linked with the burial cult. Evidently they were communal structures. Their erection constituted a very complex problem for primitive technology and required the combined efforts of numerous people.


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One of a group of large stones arranged in some pattern in a prehistoric monument.
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Secondly, recent excavations and restorations of megaliths in Denmark have revealed the symbolic meanings locked within these structures--their architecture and the raw materials used to create it--and have alerted us to the existence of complex ceremonial landscapes where individuals and groups, through a wide range of rituals, expressed their ideas about the nature of the world in which they lived (Dehn et al.
This is the first time in Iran that we actually have a certificate for each of the megaliths in the monument," Rahsaz said.
Eventually all of these megaliths became just too big to function, and as long as they took to put together, they started breaking up and falling apart surprisingly quickly.
The series, which was filmed in 36 locations in 14 countries,examines everything from the megaliths of prehistoric man to the great mosques, temples and cathedrals and the most breathtaking artefacts which religion has inspired.
That's certainly been true in relation to Europe's ancient megaliths.
166 animation minis and megaliths participated in this year's event, held in the cavernous halls of Tokyo Big Sight on Odaiba, the synthetic island in Tokyo Bay.
But while some new sections of the German capital--the crush of corporate megaliths and luxury residences in and around Potsdamer Platz, for example--are slick and giant scale, Kiesewetter's work is specifically oriented toward the human.
ARCHAEOLOGISTS have discovered 15 buried megaliths that once formed part of the 4,800-year-old stone circle at Avebury.
Presented with all the voices and choices in the world, the average online news consumer makes a beeline for traditional media megaliths.
As Thomas Barrie points out 'We are the same species that painted the walls of our subterranean chapels in France and Spain with images of our animal gods, grunted with exertion as we dragged sarsen megaliths across Salisbury Plain, and knelt in adoration before the relics of a saint'.
Their theory - that it was the wind, not slaves, that helped raise the megaliths of ancient Egypt - got some support last year when they used a mammoth kite to hoist a 3.
The much-debated first settlement of Australia and the Americas and the controversial Kennewick skull are considered, as is the significance of European megaliths.