Megan's law

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Megan's law,

in the United States, a state or federal statute that requires the notification of public organizations and private citizens when a convicted sex offender has been released from prison and is present in their community. Aimed primarily at stopping the abuse of children by pedophiles, the first of these laws was passed in New Jersey a year after the 1994 rape and murder of seven-year-old Megan Kanka by a convicted child molester who, unknown to her family, lived across the street from them. The federal Megan's law dates from 1996, and most states have passed some version of the statute. The actual effectiveness of such laws is unclear, and they have raised concerns over whether they encourage vigilantism.
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Her seven-year-old daughter was raped and murdered by a neighbour, a repeated sex offender, and her death FOR IRELAND led to the establishment of Megan's Law in the States.
Following pressure from our readers politicians brought proposals for an Irish Megan's Law to the Oireachtas.
While this pilot does not go as far as Megan's Law, it is considered a halfway house between full public disclosure and total secrecy.
He voiced agreement with probation officers and support groups who have warned that Megan's Law had not proved effective in tackling paedophilia, and may have driven some offenders underground.
Mr Norris, a former child protection officer, was first approached about the introduction of a Megan's Law in the UK in 1998.
The first Megan's Law was passed in New Jersey in 1994 after the rape and murder of Megan Kanka by Jesse Tim-mendequas, a convicted sex offender who was living across the street from her.
Following his hour-long meeting with the Kankas, Mr Sutcliffe indicated that he did not expect any legislation in the UK to be a direct copy of Megan's Law.
However, the Children's Commissioner said a Megan's Law in the UK could put more children at risk by forcing paedophiles underground.
The mother of a girl attacked by a paedophile has called for a meeting with Home Secretary John Reid to press for Megan's Law to be introduced in the UK.
A TOP sex crime consultant has rubbished plans to bring Megan's Law to Britain - and claims the only way to stop paedophiles is with space-age technology.
NAA recently updated information on Megan's Law in the 50 states.