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a type of building (often dwelling) that developed in the Aegean culture in the third and second millennia B.C. The megaron was a rectangular structure with a portico at one end that was usually enclosed by projecting walls on the sides and by columns in the front. Behind the portico was a hall with a central hearth. Such megarons, as well as megarons with a hall divided lengthwise into two or three sections by rows of columns supporting the ceiling, have been found in Troy, Tiryns, Mycenae, and other cities. The megaron was the model for ancient Greek temples of Homeric times.

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1. In many Greek temples, a space divided off and sometimes subterranean, where only the priest was allowed to enter.
2. The great central hall of a palace.
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Refreshments will follow in the school's Megaron. Worcester Academy is donating the use of its campus at 81 Providence St., as well as refreshments.
Palavras de Mayalu Waura Txucarramae, ativista indigena e filha do cacique Megaron e sobrinha (neta, pelos conceitos indigenas) do grande cacique Raoni quando as liderancas receberam o livro publicado:
The awards ceremony was held at the "Megaron Mousikis" in the presence of political and business representatives.
The awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, June 12, at the "Megaron Mousikis" in the presence of political and business representatives.
(5) In the case of Eleusis--12 miles west of Athens--which Marvin Meyer regards as the "most influential and popular of the Greek mysteries," archaeological research of the structure Megaron B in the complex suggests that cult activity may have begun there as far back as 1400 BCE.
-- Greece's industrialists union SEV holds its annual meeting, at the Athens Megaron Concert Hall.
Odysseus has remained in the megaron with the suitors.
Algum tempo depois, Megaron, o sobrinho de Raoni, diretor do Parque Nacional do Xingu, escreveu a Folha contestando as afirmacoes do reporter e reafirmando a acusacao de feiticaria enderecada aos Kamayura.