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a judeţ (district) in southwestern Rumania. Area, 4,900 sq km; population, 318,000 (1970). The administrative center is Turnu-Severin.

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The Last macroregion includes the South-West region (Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinti, Olt and Valcea counties) and West (Arad, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara and Timis counties).
Social media: Company's details: Name: Capital Technologies & Research SRL Incorporated country: Romania Address: Mehedinti, Drobeta-Turnu-Severin, 37 Plevnei Street E-Mail: Disclaimer: The information contained herein constitutes a general publication about an intent to offer tokens and is not an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities or any interest relating to the entity issuing the tokens.
FIGURE 2 - THE NUMBER OF INHABITANTS FOR EVERY COUNTY Timis 742886 469853 Caras-Severin 328047 473946 Valcea 403171 450094 Mehedinti 286678 366261 Dolj 700117 2496895 Teleorman 389433 809052 Ialomita 293658 276781 Dambovita 528426 317293 Arges 646333 391169 Tulcea 244249 631669 Constanta 769768 478811 Braila 356196 479815 Suceava 743645 577359 Iasi 919049 455973 Bacau 746566 464202 Mures 595948 333674 Covasna 228732 630807 Alba 380976 247537 Satu Mare 390639 525765 Cluj 721955 329188 Bihor 619102 Source: Author adaptations after (Institutul National de Statistics, 2017).
The research conducted by Florica Bejinaru in 2013 on two samples of one hundred cases each, found in the evidence of Predelinquence Service from the General Directorate of Social Assistance in Mehedinti outlines that in relation to the style of family education, we have a situation we can characterize in general as problematic: poor education style of the mother-94% of cases in 2011 and 95% of cases in 2012, the father deficient educational style-97% of cases in 2011 and 99% cases in 2012.
From the interwar period, Mehedintul economic, politic si social represents, in our opinion, the most valuable periodical from Turnu Severin, whose content can be used to easily reconstruct a history of Mehedinti County.
A document issued on July 29, 1497, and treasured in the State Archives in Turnu Severin, states that every year the ruler Radu cel Mare gave the monastery of Tismana 3,000 litres of wine made in the county of Mehedinti, where the Dacilor vineyard is situated at the moment.
The lowest cattle effective from Oltenia was owned by Mehedinti county 14.59% (28,704 heads).
South-West region is the largest producer of energy in Romania, through the existence of hydropower complexes Portile de Fier (one of the largest in Europe), in the County of Mehedinti and Lotru-Olt, from Valcea County (one of the largest in Romania).
Forth Region: South-West, includes 5 counties: Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinti, Olt, Valcea;
The protected Areas in the Romanian Danube area are: Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, Semenic Caras Gorge Natural Park, Beusnita Nerei Gorge Natural Park, Domogled Valea Cernei Natural Park, Macin Mountains Natural Park, Iron Gates Natural Park, Braila Lower Pound Natural Park, Comana Natural Park, Lower Prut Natural Park, Mehedinti Mountains Geo Park, Natura 2000 Sites Community importance sites: 68 (out of 273 in Romania), Areas of birds and wildlife protection: 60 (out of 108 in Romania) (Figure 5).
Its diversity of landforms and natural resources explains industrial-related disparities, in terms of localization: the mining industry in Gorj County, the chemical industry in Valcea County, the metallurgical industry in Olt County, the machine-building industry in Doli and Mehedinti counties.