For persons thus named, use Muhammad.
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No, lest on the first demonstration I make in favor of Mehemet Ali, the Sultan send me the bowstring, and make my secretaries strangle me.
I inquired the name of the garrison of the fortress of Malabat, and they said it was Mehemet Ali Ben Sancom.
According to the narrative of the German doctor, Ferdinand Werne, the expedition attempted in 1840, under the auspices of Mehemet Ali, stopped at Gondokoro, between the fourth and fifth parallels of north latitude.
A third artist who questions stereotypes is Mehemet Ali Uysal, depicted as a staunch supporter of interactive art.
The Time of the End, or the Sultan of Turkey the Wilful King, and Mehemet Ali, the King of the South Pushing at Him.
Mustafa was twelve at the time he was recruited by police officer Mehemet Korkmaz and brought to Demmink's chambers, where he was repeatedly sexually assaulted.
Brown need not even mention the politics of empire that led the Egyptian leader Mehemet All to offer the obelisk to Louis Philippe (in exchange for support of his expansionist ambitions).
Head of the delegation, Mehemet Sandal, expressed the desire of the Turkish investors and businessmen in promoting economic cooperation through building joint partnerships with their Syrian counterparts in various fields.
Olgac's confession had no place during yesterday's direct talks between Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehemet Ali Talat and was never brought up, Christofias said.
One year ago only, seeing the liberal dispositions of Mehemet Ali Pasha [Muhammad Ali] and Ibrahim Pasha [his son, general, and deputy], they dared to speak about their Synagogue.
One such story occurred in March 1790, when an opinion piece appeared in the Federal Gazette, published in Philadelphia, penned by Sidi Mehemet Ibrahim.
The Pasha's Bedouin; tribes and state in the Egypt of Mehemet Ali, 1805-1848.