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2005; Wong and Veness 2005) and perceived barriers to accessing information for patient care (Mazloomdoost, Mehregan et al.
The foundation also supports diverse cultural programs such as the celebration of Nowruz and Mehregan, theater, dance performances, film screenings and poetry reading in Southern California.
Ilk olarak 1967'de Mehregan ve arkadaslari tarafindan tanimlanan reaktif perforan kollojenoz (RPK), dejenere olmus kollajen bantlarin transepidermal eliminasyonu sonucu ortaya cikan, travmaya maruz kalan bolgelerde, keratotik tikac bulunan papullerle karakterize, nadir gorulen bir hastaliktir (1-3).
DEMATEL, The sustainability Balanced ANP, ZOGP, Scorecard as a framework for 2009 BSC selecting socially responsible investment Cebeci Fuzzy AHP, Selecting ERP systems 2009 BSC Mehregan & TOPSIS, BSC Evaluate the Best 's Iranian 2008 Dehghan Business Schools Nayeri Lee et al.
Mehregan DR, Dooley VN: How to get the most out of your skin biopsies.
Mehregan Amir-Khosravi, one of the several Amir-Khosravi brothers whose family business is embroiled in the $2.
By analyzing proliferative activity in DPN, Mehregan et al (11) demonstrated either absent or a low proliferative activity in fewer than 5% of dermal melanocytes.
As part of its Mehregan 2010 Grant Cycle, PARSA CF awarded the quarter of a million dollar grant to the Department of Bioengineering at Stanford University for the Iranian Genome Project--an initiative to better understand the genes of people of Iranian descent.
As a part of its Mehregan 2010 Grant Cycle, PARSA CF has awarded a $300,000 grant to the non-profit that hosts Camp Ayandeh, a summer camp for Iranian-American teens.
In 1985, the term basaloid follicular hamartoma was coined by Mehregan and Baker, (2) who reported a localized and solitary type of lesion without associated abnormalities.
ISF Presents: Mehregan Festival Celebration October 2, 7:00 p.