Meinesz, Felix Vening

Meinesz, Felix Vening


Born July 30, 1887, in The Hague; died Aug. 10, 1966, in Amersfoort. Dutch geophysicist and gravimetrist; elected a member of the Netherlands Academy of Sciences in 1927.

Meinesz was a professor of geodesy at the Polytechnical Institute of Delft. His main work dealt with the determination of the force of gravity at sea, for which purpose he made a number of voyages in a submarine. In 1928 he proposed a formula for the determination of the declination of a plumb line through anomaly in the force of gravity and also worked out the hypothesis of isostasy.


In Russian translation:
Gravimetricheskie nabliudeniia na more: Teoriia i praktika. Moscow, 1940.


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