Mekhanizatsiia I Elektrifikatsiia Sotsialisticheskogo Selskogo

Mekhanizatsiia I Elektrifikatsiia Sotsialisticheskogo Sel’skogo Khoziaistva


(Mechanization and Electrification of Socialist Agriculture), a monthly scientific and technical journal; organ of the V. I. Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Published in Moscow since 1930. It originally had the title Puti mekhanizatsii sel’skogo khoziaistva (Paths to the Mechanization of Agriculture). From 1931 to 1937, two journals were published simultaneously: Mekhanizatsiia sotsialisticheskogo sel’skogo khoziaistva (Mechanization of Socialist Agriculture) and Elektrifikatsiia sel’skogo khoziaistva (Electrification of Agriculture). The journal treats the most important problems of the construction and efficient use of agricultural machinery. Circulation, 33,130 (1973).