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Mekhlis, Lev Zakharovich


Born Jan. 13, 1889, in Odessa; died Feb. 13, 1953, in Moscow. Soviet statesman and party figure. Member of the Communist Party from 1918. Son of an office worker.

Mekhlis worked as a teacher. He was a member of the Jewish Social Democratic party Poale Zion from 1907 to 1910. He was a political officer in the Red Army during the Civil War of 1918–20. Mekhlis was involved in soviet and party work from 1921 to 1926. After graduating from the Institute of the Red Professoriate in 1930, he was chief of the Press Section of the Central Committee of the ACP (Bolshevik) and simultaneously member of the Pravda editorial board. He was chief of the Main Political Directorate of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army from 1937 to 1940. Mekhlis served as people’s commissar of state control of the USSR in 1940–41. In 1941 he was again appointed chief of the Main Political Directorate and deputy people’s commissar of defense. In May 1942, while serving as representative of the Headquarters of the Supreme Command on the Crimean Front, he failed to ensure the organization of the defense and was relieved of his responsibilities. Subsequently Mekhlis was a member of the military councils of several armies and fronts and from 1946 to 1950, minister of state control of the USSR.

Mekhlis was elected a candidate member of the Central Committee at the Seventeenth Party Congress and a member of the Central Committee at the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Congresses. He served as a member of the Organizational Bureau of the Central Committee of the ACP(B) and was deputy to and member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR at the first and second convocations. He received four Orders of Lenin, five other orders, and various medals. Mekhlis is buried in Red Square at the Kremlin Wall.

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Under Colonel General Lev Mekhlis as polit-commissar, Brezhnev was largely responsible for establishing Soviet administrative structures to ensure that the representatives of the exiled government did not enter the "liberated" region and that only persons loyal to Moscow were nominated for elections for a city council and the like.
Fitzpatrick omits mention of Stalin's worst "fixer", the indestructible Lev Mekhlis, whose interventions in the war probably cost half a million lives.
Kaganovich and Mekhlis, both Jews, played the most active of roles in Stalin's Terror.
A particularly unsavoury character is Musenok, the divisional political officer, who, we are told, established his career alongside Mekhlis, denouncing army officers in 1937.
The switch from Bukharin as editor of Pravda to Stalin's crony, Mekhlis, in 1930 is only peripherally noted, as is the change to Poskrebyshev, "Stalin's faithful dog" in 1937 (59).
In an illustrative example, a soldier recorded a rumor that Lev Mekhlis, one of Stalin's representatives at the front, had chastised a commander who arrested soldiers for looting in the Reich: "You don't understand a thing about our policy.
This process, according to a report by Minister of State Control Lev Mekhlis in May 1948, involved alarming expenditures, adding its own form of financial wastage to cinematic production.