Melankomas of Caria

Melankomas of Caria,

d. c. A.D. 70, ancient Greek boxer. Known for his exceptional beauty, conditioning, and endurance, he is said to have always held his arms up high in defense, thus protecting his face, and to have defeated his opponents by exhausting them rather than through punching or hitting. He won an Olympic boxing championship (A.D. 49) and several other competitions, and allegedly never lost a match. His exploits are known chiefly through the discourses of Dio ChrysostumDio Chrysostom
, d. after A.D. 112, Greek Sophist and orator [Chrysostom=golden-mouthed], b. Prusa (modern Bursa) in Bithynia. He lived at Rome under Emperor Domitian, who subsequently banished him.
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