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a genus of perennial grasses of the family Gramineae. The leaves consist of stenolinear blades with closed sheaths, and the inflorescence is a loose or spicate panicle. The spikelets are two- to five-flowered and include one to three bisexual flowers and a clavate appendage of underdeveloped flowers.

There are 90 species, distributed primarily in the temperate zones of both hemispheres (except for Australia) and in the mountains of tropical regions. In the USSR more than 20 species grow in forests, in thickets, along forest edges, and on mountain slopes. Particularly widespread is the mountain, or nodding, melick (M. nutans), which grows in shaded, primarily evergreen, forests. The species M. picta is common in the central and southern parts of the European USSR and in the Caucasus; it grows mainly in deciduous forests and thickets. M. transsilvanica, which grows chiefly in the southern USSR on steppe slopes and in thickets, is a good fodder for horses.


Kormovye rasteniia senokosov i pastbishch SSSR, vol. 1. Moscow-Leningrad, 1950.


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I was the guest of honor at Easter dinner with the family of my new Serbian friend, Melica. It had been several days since they had been able to confirm the safety of their family in Serbia after NATO had stepped up the bombing.
The understory is rich and formed mainly by Allium ursinum L., Mercurialis perennis L., Anemone nemorosa L., and Melica uniflora Retz.
Some endophyte-containing grasses species that are known for toxicity to livestock include tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, sleepy grasses (Achnatherum spp.), huecu grasses (Poa huecu Parodi), and dronk grass (Melica decumbens Thunb.).
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We're using things you can see through like umbellifers, not cow parsley but angelica and Ligusticum scoticum (Scotch lovage), which is like a miniature angelica,and some delicate grasses like Melica altissima 'Alba', which has tiny silvery flowers which make things shimmer and pick up the breeze."