Melikian, Melik

Melikian, Melik Galustovich


(M. G. Melikiants) Born 1868 in the village of Baian, now in Dashkesan Raion, Azerbaijan SSR; died September 1918 in Baku. Participant in the revolutionary movement in Transcaucasia. Son of a peasant.

Melikian joined the revolutionary movement in the 1890’s. In 1898 he became a member of a Social Democratic circle in Tbilisi and later in Baku. In 1901, Melikian became a member of the Union of Armenian Social Democrats and the Baku committee of the RSDLP. During the Revolution of 1905-07 he conducted party work in Baku, Giandzha, and Tbilisi; he later worked in Balakhany. In 1917-18, Melikian served as a member of the Balakhany district committee of the party and as a member of the Baku soviet. Melikian was murdered by agents of the Turkish interventionists and the Musavatists.


Aktivnye bortsy za vlasf Sovetov v Azerbaidzhane. Baku, 1957.