Melioranskii, Platon

Melioranskii, Platon Mikhailovich


Born Nov. 18(30), 1868, in St. Petersburg; died there May 16(29), 1906. Russian linguist and Turkologist.

In 1905, Melioranskii became a professor at St. Petersburg University. He was a student of V. V. Radlov. His main works are devoted to the history of the Turkic languages and research on ancient Turkic texts, including On the Orkhon and Enisei Tomb Inscriptions (1898), Kul Tegin (1899), and On “Kutadgu Bilig” of Genghis Khan (1901).


Kratkaia grammatika kazak-kirgizskogo iazyka, parts 1-2, St. Petersburg, 1894-97.
Arab filolog o turetskom iazyke. St. Petersburg, 1900.


Samoilovich, A. “Pamiati P. M. Melioranskogo.” Zapiski Vostochnogo otdeleniia Imp. russkogo arkheologicheskogo obshchestva, 1907, vol. 18, no. 1 (Includes a list of Melioranskii’s works.)