Melitopol Kurgan

Melitopol’ Kurgan


a Scythian barrow of the fourth century B.C., located in the northwestern part of the city of Melitopol’. It was excavated in 1954 by A. I. Terenozhkin. Two catacomb-like tombs were discovered beneath a mound measuring about 6 m high. One of them contained the remains of a noblewoman and a female slave. About 4,000 gold ornaments and the remains of a funerary chariot were also found. The second tomb belonged to a Scythian warrior. A gorytus (quiver) faced with gold, a battle belt, and 50 small gold plaques were found in a secret chamber. A grave containing two horses was found near the second catacomb. The Melitopol’ Kurgan resembles such royal Scythian barrows as Solokha and Chertomlyk.


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