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a city in Czechoslovakia, in the Czech Socialist Republic, in Central Bohemia. It is a port on the Elbe River at its confluence with the Vltava. Population 16,700 (1971). The city has machine-building, sugar-refining, and chemical enterprises.

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Stary Melnik and Zolotaya Bochka are Russians' favorite beers.
At Mold Crown Court Marcin Mariuz Melnik, 25, of High Street in Connah's Quay, was jailed for 27 months.
It draws on findings from German researchers Bodo Melnik and further studies suggesting certain nutrients can help reduce inflammation in the body that leads to spots.
The company said it had agreed with the Commission to offload either Chvaletice or the Pocerady plant, or Tisova together with the Melnik plant.
East constituency winners were Amelia Bartlett, Daniel Bell, Emily McGonagle, Emily Ridyard, Katie Cowie, Michelle Cichyova, Neil Kotre and Sofia Melnik.
Eager to help youngsters develop in the sport, coach Eduard Melnik, 46, of Byker, has joined up to the Evening Chronicle's Wish campaign to secure funding for his fledging team.
It wasn't good enough as Dave Melnik (52no) and Steve Clayton (42) led Llanarth to an eight wicket victory.
4Sync Head of Software Development Andrew Melnik says: “We are happy that our carefully designed application has already got so many fans all over the world.
Subev and Ershov each own about 47 per cent in Petrol Holding, with Russian national Alexander Melnik holding the rest.
Alm and Melnik (2002) estimated the effect of a seller's reputation on the ending price of eBay auctions.
The quotas issue) has been delayed until the next meeting)," Deputy Agriculture Minister Serhiy Melnik told reporters after a weekly government meeting.
Led by Carl Melnik and Don Cosby, Rotarians cleaned up weeds and trash, replanted grass, shrubs and roses, and installed a lighting system.