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a city in Czechoslovakia, in the Czech Socialist Republic, in Central Bohemia. It is a port on the Elbe River at its confluence with the Vltava. Population 16,700 (1971). The city has machine-building, sugar-refining, and chemical enterprises.

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For implementation of all branches of ASMS, it is necessary to work out a mechanism for organizing the educational process and interaction with ANQ, "said Alena Melnik , head of international relations at ASMS Rosstandart.
An archbishop liturgy was served at the temple by Melnik Bishop Gerasim and in the presence of Patriarch Neophyte.
Gallery manager Catherine Melnik says: "The cake donation is a wonderful gesture to support our Tales Of King Arthur Spring half-term event.
Great Britain Under 16 finished in fourth place in the Under 16 Czech Spring Cup in Melnik over the weekend.
With regard to the document that has been released to the public today, we expect the American side to provide us with relevant official explanation," press secretary Yury Melnik said in an email.
Melnik of the department of dermatology, environmental medicine, and health theory, University of Osnabriick (Germany).
Stary Melnik and Zolotaya Bochka are Russians' favorite beers.
I would have liked a little more on Charasoff; unfortunately Melnik has nothing to add on this German-speaking Armenian from Tsarist Georgia.
Orders had been given by the Communist State Governor that all the animals should be destroyed before the Nazi's arrived, but Max Melnik, an old park ranger had quietly disobeyed these orders, so that when the Nazis arrive they hunt down and massacre every living thing.
Melnik said a dedicated Rand D budget, earmarked for rhizosphere product development, has been established to coincide with the acquisition.
Texan author Kseniya Melnik, Londoner Naomi Wood and Ireland's Eimear McBride make up the shortlist.
At Mold Crown Court Marcin Mariuz Melnik, 25, of High Street in Connah's Quay, was jailed for 27 months.