Melnikov, Iakov

Mel’nikov, Iakov Fedorovich


Born Jan. 13, 1896, in Moscow; died there July 12, 1960. Soviet sportsman, teacher, and trainer. Honored Master of Sports (1934). Member of the CPSU (1943).

In speed skating, Mel’nikov was champion of Russia (1915), of the RSFSR (1918-19; 1922), of the USSR (1924; 1927-28; 1932-35), of Europe (1927), and of the world (in workers’ sports organizations, 1927, 1935). He broke All-Union records for various distances more than 20 times. Among his pupils were the well-known Soviet skaters I. la. Anikanov, T. A. Karelina, K. K. Kudriavtsev, V. A. Proshin, N. I. Petrov, and L. M. Selikhova.

Mel’nikov was awarded two orders and a number of medals. A skating competition in honor of Mel’nikov has been held regularly in the USSR since 1960.