Melville Bay

Melville Bay,

broad indentation of the western coast of Greenland, opening to the SW into Baffin Bay. The inland ice cap comes down to the coast, and glaciers discharge much ice into its waters.
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In addition to the floe and the pack-ice, the gale and the currents were bringing down true bergs, sailing mountains of ice, snapped off from the Greenland side of the water or the north shore of Melville Bay. They pounded in solemnly, the waves breaking white round them, and advanced on the floe like an old-time fleet under full sail.
Sailing north into Melville Bay after the end of the Disko Bay fishery, which up to this point had signaled the end of the season, they discovered the last refuge of the North Atlantic bowhead whale.
Yet more drama, suffering and endurance attended her end on June 12, 1849, when she was destroyed by the ice in Melville Bay in the Canadian Arctic.
They alone, of all Eskimos, had discovered a local source of iron - three meteorites at the northern extremity of Melville Bay, about thirty-five miles to the east of Cape York.
He visited (and renamed) Woodah Island, Caledon Bay, Melville Bay, along with many other geographic features in the colonial tradition that marked and claimed country with little or no regard for the rights and culture of the original owners.
We describe the seasonal occurrence of marine mammals and the spatial distribution of their calls in Baffin Bay and Melville Bay. Four Autonomous Multichannel Acoustic Recorders (AM ARs) were deployed during summer 2012 (late July to early October), five recorders during September 2013, and two recorders from late September 2013 to early September 2014.
Seasonal Trends in Acoustic Detection of Marine Mammals in Baffin Bay and Melville Bay, Northwest Greenland.