membrane roofing

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In built-up roofing, a weather-resistant (flexible or semiflexible) covering consisting of alternate layers of felt and bitumen; fabricated in a continuous covering and surfaced with aggregate or asphaltic material.
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The best way to evaluate membrane roofing is to balance material properties with performance data.
Hanna, an international specialty chemicals company, has reached an agreement in principle to sell its elastomeric membrane roofing material business to Firestone Building Products, a division of Bridgestone/Firestone.
Tenders are invited for reroofing of original high school with gravel-faced built-up roofs with tpo membrane roofing and replacement of rooftop and above ceiling mounted hvac equipment.
Emerging as a top choice is the single ply membrane roofing system, a roofing solution that has proven to be a great high-performance, long-term investment.

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