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(computer science)
A hypothetical machine described by Vannevar Bush, which would store written records so that they would be available almost instantly by merely pushing the right button for the information desired.
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Vannevar Bush's original name for hypertext, which he invented in the 1930s.

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'Our success in converting sales funnel prospects into revenues is demonstrated by our record bookings, 31% year-to-date revenue growth over 2018, and backlog worth almost $1.6 million,' said Memex CEO David McPhail.
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Surveys of students conducted by WorldBrain, the creators of Memex, reveal that university goers who rely on the web for research lose hours of productive time each week.
Some have compared Semantic Scholar to the Memex project from NASA and DARPA [6] that searches the deep web, though that project is not available to the public.
However, one new data-mining toolkit, called Memex, is enabling investigators to find critical information.
Entretanto, o desejo humano de extrair conhecimento atraves do relacionamento de dados e informacoes de diversas fontes remonta antes do advento das tecnologias digitais conectadas existe desde as formulacoes do filosofo e cientista Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (Biblioteca Universal), do dispositivo modulado por Vannevar Bush capaz de armazenar e recuperar informacao (Memex), passando pela cooperacao entre homem e maquina imaginada por J.C.R.
(4) Sus origenes se le atribuyen a Vannevar Bush quien lo utiliza por primera vez en 1945 para referirse al dispositivo MEMEX. Posteriormente, Ted Nelson (filosofo y sociologo estadounidense) acuno en 1965 el termino hypertext (texto no lineal).
Other experts scheduled to speak during the conference include Marcin Bauza, director of new technology and innovation at Carl Zeiss IMT; Dave Edstrom, chief technology officer for Memex Automation; Zach Simking, co-president of Senvol; Simin Zhou, vice president of digital manufacturing technology at UL; and John Wilczynski, deputy director of technology development for the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining.
Now stand in a crowd or--heaven forbid--let go of the strap on a speeding subway and try to enter a keyword query such as this one: filetype:pdf site:gov DAR PA MEMEX. If keyboarding is not possible, try using your mobile device's voice-to-text feature.
(TSX Venture: OEE), operating under the trade name Memex Automation, has agreed to acquire the intellectual property and other related assets of US-based software company Dostek Inc., the company said.