Memorial Plaque

Memorial plaque

A flat inscribed stone that commemorates a special event or to serve as a memorial; set into or fixed to the surface of a wall.

Memorial Plaque


a metal, marble, or granite plaque with an inscription (sometimes with a pictorial representation) that immortalizes important events and dates in the history of a country or city or in the life of eminent persons. Memorial plaques are usually hung on walls.

memorial plaque

A flat marker, usually of metal or stone and often inscribed, affixed to or set into a surface; used to serve as a memorial or to commemorate a special event.
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A memorial plaque and symbolic monument reflecting the bloody events of 1918 are planned to be constructed in the Guba memorial complex of genocide.
H E Salmi unveiled the memorial plaque commemorating the opening and then conducted a tour of the facilities of the command building.
Charnwood Borough Council and the Carillon Trust have arranged for a memorial plaque bearing Private Nix's name to be added to the tower.
The aim is to raise PS3000 for a memorial plaque and two information boards at the site of the former school and at the harbour.
LIVERPOOL FC placed their annual floral tribute at the Heysel memorial plaque yesterday, as a mark of respect to the 39 supporters who lost their lives at the 1985 disaster.
Relations between the two countries have been strained ever since a Macedonian citizen posted a video of himself destroying a Bulgarian memorial plaque.
The pictures also show the Welsh captain Ashley Williams reading the memorial plaque dedicated to the 144 people who lost their lives 50 years ago.
The Welsh side took time to reflect in the garden, with goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey posting a picture of the memorial plaque on Instagram.
And today, a memorial plaque will be unveiled at East End Youth and Community Centre in the town's George Street which sits on the site of the former lemonade factory.
It opened in 1925 as a maternity and child welfare centre, and in its main corridor is a First World War memorial plaque.
Yesterday Sandra's family unveiled a memorial plaque to her at the pier in Crossmolina, where she was seen alive.

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