Méndez, Leopoldo

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Méndez, Leopoldo


Born June 30, 1902, in Mexico; died there Nov. 15, 1969. Mexican painter and graphic artist.

Méndez studied at the Academy of Arts in Mexico from 1917 to 1920. Beginning in 1937 he directed the Taller de Gráfica Popular (Workshop of Popular Graphics). A master of linoleum engraving, he combined a vividly expressive and profoundly psychological treatment of human subjects with a thorough recreation of their surroundings. Méndez incisively articulated the ideas of struggle for peace, democracy, and national independence. His works include frescoes in the National Graphic Arts Workshops (1936-57, in collaboration with P. O’Higgins and others), engravings for the album Mexican Revolution (1947), and a number of films. The artist was awarded the International Peace Prize in 1953.


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