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What does it mean when you dream about mending?

Mending signifies that one is fixing one’s problems. Repairing clothing or fabric is to knit or heal what has become unraveled.

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They are taken care of by mending them as and when required.
Mending the Gap was developed by an international network of lecturers and service users.
A Mending the Gap event, funded by the Higher Education Academy, will be hosted by New College Durham on July 22.
On March 25, Alamia and Mending handed over another P16.
Some projects identified under the fund "started rolling out" over the weekend, DAF-ARMM Secretary Makmod Mending, Jr.
Summary: Speaking at her premiere in London, Katy Perry revealed her top four tips to mending a broken heart.
Her book offers a new focus on mending by adapting traditional techniques for modern sewers and uses photography capturing each step of the patching, darning and repair stitching process.
Mending clothes is a skill that allows your wa1rdrobe to last longer, and encourages you to think before you buy, says Peacock.