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The Catholic diocese of Menevia and Bishop Vaughan RC School challenged the policy in a judicial review and this week a High Court judge ruled in their favour labelling the cashstrapped council's policy "indirect discrimination".
Mary''s was created in the (Roman Catholic) diocese of Menevia.
Bishop Burns, the Bishop of Menevia, said yesterday: "I respect Mr Robinson's views and I share the grief of him and his family.
Archbishop Peter Smith of Cardiff, Bishop Edwin Regan of Wrexham and Bishop Tom Burns of Menevia, will be present throughout the celebrations.
The funeral ceremony was a simple but moving one, performed by his old friend Bishop Cuthbert Hedley of Newport and Menevia, with the entire community of monks present:
A divorced Catholic headteacher in Tenby is being investigated by the Diocese of Menevia over claims he is 'living in sin' with a woman in Narbeth.
Dewi) who later returns to Britain to become the archbishop of Menevia in Southern Wales.
But in Cardiff on Friday a legal challenge raised by Swansea's Bishop Vaughan Catholic School, a prospective pupil at the school, and the Catholic Diocese of Menevia was upheld by Mr Justice Wyn Williams.
According to tradition, he founded 12 monasteries and an abbey at Menevia, now St David's.
The Bishop of Menevia, the Rt Rev Thomas Burns, said: "Jonathan is the kind of young man we need in Britain today.
Monsignor Bob Reardon, the vicar general of the Catholic Archdioceseof Cardiff, isbeing tipped to become the Bishop of Menevia, a diocese covering Mid and West Wales.
But last night Father Michael Burke, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Menevia, which covers West Wales, said he didn't believe the dolls would help.