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Simons, Menno:

see Menno SimonsMenno Simons
, 1496?–1561, Dutch religious reformer. The name of the Mennonites was derived from his name, although he was not the actual founder of the sect. In 1524 he became a Roman Catholic priest but in 1536 he left the church when he announced that he no longer
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Menno Simons

(mĕn`ō sē`mōns), 1496?–1561, Dutch religious reformer. The name of the MennonitesMennonites
, descendants of the Dutch and Swiss evangelical Anabaptists of the 16th cent. Beliefs and Membership

While each congregation is at liberty to decide independently on its form of worship and other matters, Mennonites generally agree on certain
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 was derived from his name, although he was not the actual founder of the sect. In 1524 he became a Roman Catholic priest but in 1536 he left the church when he announced that he no longer believed in infant baptism and other Catholic teachings. His test of the true Christian was regeneration. He was active in Holland and Germany as an organizer and leader of the less aggressive division of Anabaptists. His writings and sermons were published as Opera omnia theologica (1681).


See his Complete Writings ed. by J. C. Wenger (tr. 1956); C. J. Dyck, ed., A Legacy of Faith (1962); W. E. Keeney, The Development of Dutch Anabaptist Thought and Practice from 1539–1564 (1968).

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During the Tuesday meeting that ended the stalemate, Trabocca general manager Menno Simons agreed to collect the parchment coffee after getting a movement permit, which is to be issued anytime from tomorrow by the Coffee Directorate.The meeting was attended by the entire management board of Gikanda Cooperative Society, Coffee Directorate area manager Elizabeth Gathoni and a representative from the State Department of Co-operatives.
Members of the Research Sub-Committee for 2018-2020 are: Bruno Lvesque (Chair), Financial Consumer Agency of Canada; Jerry Buckland, Menno Simons College; Karen Duncan, University of Manitoba; Andrea Hasler, Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (George Washington University); Jodi Letkiewicz, York University; Allison Meserve, Prosper Canada;
It has the usual suspects, such as Tertullian and Origen from early Christianity; Francis of Assisi and Peter Chelcicky from the medieval period; Erasmus and Menno Simons in late Scholasticism and the Reformation period; William Penn and Leo Tolstoy in the modern period; and Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King Jr.
Authored by Stephanie Phetsamay Stobbe, a former Lao refugee and now an academic at Menno Simons College in Canada, the book includes insightful and descriptive personal vignettes of Lao cultural practices.
One of the delights of Tucker's excellent volume is its incisive and colorful treatment of the great prophet figures of the church: Peter, Paul, the Great Gregories, Bernard of Clairvaux, Frances of Assisi, Anselm, Abelard, a' Becket of Canterbury, Wycliffe, Staupitz, Luther, Calvin, Muntzer, Menno Simons, Francis Xavier, John Owen, George Fox, the Wesleys, Jonathan Edwards, Abraham Kuyper, Karl Barth, Billy Graham, and the like.
Each of the portraits explores a mother-and-son's relationship with the faith that traces its heritage to the 16th-century Anabaptist (re-baptizer) movement in Switzerland and is popularly named for Dutch pastor Menno Simons. In Canada today, there are about 200,000 Mennonites, with concentrations in southern Ontario and Manitoba.
Abstract: Menno Simons, the sixteenth-century Catholic priest-turned-radical-reformer, played a formative role in helping Dutch Anabaptism re-establish its theological footing following the debacle of the "Anabaptist Kingdom in Minister" of 1534-1535.
The selections include the expected (Origen, Menno Simons, John Howard Yoder), the unexpected (Pelagius, Dwight Moody, and Lucretia Mott), and the downright confounding (Priscilla Cadwallader's prophecy of a divine war against the unrighteous).
The Mennonites descend from the 16<sup>th</sup> century Anabaptist movement in Switzerland.&nbsp; During the Reformation, the Anabaptists wanted stronger reforms than the Protestants.&nbsp; When a Dutch priest named Menno Simons latched onto the group, his differing interpretation of the scriptures catapulted him into leadership.&nbsp; The name Mennonite literally means "Followers of Menno."
Although "The Fugitive: Menno Simons" by Menno Simmons is a work of historical fiction, yet the story rings true with historical accuracy in describing the times and what really happened to those branded as heretics.
Menno Simons and the New Jerusalem, by Helmut Isaak.

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