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see aerobicsaerobics
, [Gr.,=with oxygen], system of endurance exercises that promote cardiovascular fitness by producing and sustaining an elevated heart rate for a prolonged period of time, thereby pumping an increased amount of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles being used.
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, calisthenics
light exercises designed to promote general fitness, develop muscle tone, etc.
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These strategies are basically a series of mental calisthenics that help a person suffering from social anxiety deal with an uncomfortable situation.
Over the years I've learned that some mental calisthenics just before the shot can help me do the job right.
"John may think that was my strategy, but I read just three books and did some light mental calisthenics." Happy in his role this year as Examiners, Kapor added, "I'm glad to let others take the heat this time." Accordingly, Larry Tesler worried that he had not practiced enough since his team had lost earlier during the mock game.