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(After the human computers in Frank Herbert's SF classic, "Dune") An object-oriented distributed language developed at the University of Virginia some time before Dec 1987. Mentat is an extension of C++ and is portable to a variety of MIMD architectures.

By 1994 Mentat was available for Sun-3, Sun-4, iPSC/2 with plans for Mach, iPSC860, RS/6000 and Iris. The language is now (May 1998) supported in a new project, Legion.

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["Mentat: An Object-Oriented Macro Data Flow System", A. Grimshaw <> et al, SIGPLAN Notices 22(12):35-47, Dec 1987, OOPSLA '87].
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The Baron even gloats about his success as he and his Mentat, a kind of human computer named Piter, loom over Jessica after she comes to powerless consciousness:
lt;p>As a result, Packeteer, which specialized in traffic shaping, bought up Mentat in 2004 and Tacit in 2006 for their TCP acceleration and caching technologies, respectively, to round out Packeteer's offerings.
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BR-16A or Mentat is a polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation containing Bacopa as the main ingredient.
Packeteer paid $20 million for Mentat and its technology for accelerating applications over satellite and long-haul networks; Juniper paid $337 million for Peribit Networks, a pioneer of WAN optimisation; in May, Cisco acquired application optimisation vendor FineGround Networks for $70 million to sit alongside its earlier $82 million buy-out of WAFS company Actona Technologies; and, latterly, application traffic management product maker F5 Networks agreed to buy WAN application accelerator Swan Labs for $43 million.
MARC Analysis Research Corporation, MARC Manuals A-F and Mentat User Guide (California).
We are pleased to be a partner of Intellicom, a recognized leader in providing Internet access to the global broadband access market," said Kay Guyer, president of Mentat.
Designed to meet customers' technical requirements and budgets, the Program is applicable to all Expand Networks' and equivalent competition products including Juniper, Riverbed, Cisco, Packeteer/Tacit, Blue Coat and Mentat.
Once point cloud was recorded, ATOS software was used to digitize, process, visualize and export the measured data in stl format to Mentat for preprocessing and FE model geometry creation.
The numerical analysis was performed using MSC Marc Mentat elasto-plastic program package.
Nasdaq:PKTR), the pioneer and global leader in WAN Application Traffic Management, today introduced the Mentat SkyX Server 155, offering enterprise-class acceleration to mitigate latency and speed application delivery for remote and mobile users using a VPN.