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(After the human computers in Frank Herbert's SF classic, "Dune") An object-oriented distributed language developed at the University of Virginia some time before Dec 1987. Mentat is an extension of C++ and is portable to a variety of MIMD architectures.

By 1994 Mentat was available for Sun-3, Sun-4, iPSC/2 with plans for Mach, iPSC860, RS/6000 and Iris. The language is now (May 1998) supported in a new project, Legion.

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["Mentat: An Object-Oriented Macro Data Flow System", A. Grimshaw <> et al, SIGPLAN Notices 22(12):35-47, Dec 1987, OOPSLA '87].
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MARC Mentat 2010 was used as the numerical FE program and the web plate model was constructed using a four-node shell element with a 10 mm mesh size, as shown in Figure 2 [16].
Report by Chnstchurch mentat health nurse and workshop attendee, Bernie Burns.
Patran 2010-2014 - SimXpert 2012-2013 - Marc Mentat 2012-2014 - Adams/Car 2011-2013 - ANSA 15
The Baron even gloats about his success as he and his Mentat, a kind of human computer named Piter, loom over Jessica after she comes to powerless consciousness:
Alredadod del 10% de lor neonatos Sintomaticos presenta compltcationer de tnitio taedio en varioe organos como retar do mentat perdida audicion o mcapatidad para el aprendizaje.
lt;p>As a result, Packeteer, which specialized in traffic shaping, bought up Mentat in 2004 and Tacit in 2006 for their TCP acceleration and caching technologies, respectively, to round out Packeteer's offerings.
BR-16A or Mentat is a polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation containing Bacopa as the main ingredient.
Packeteer paid $20 million for Mentat and its technology for accelerating applications over satellite and long-haul networks; Juniper paid $337 million for Peribit Networks, a pioneer of WAN optimisation; in May, Cisco acquired application optimisation vendor FineGround Networks for $70 million to sit alongside its earlier $82 million buy-out of WAFS company Actona Technologies; and, latterly, application traffic management product maker F5 Networks agreed to buy WAN application accelerator Swan Labs for $43 million.
MARC Analysis Research Corporation, MARC Manuals A-F and Mentat User Guide (California).
The upper thoracic cavity model is being built by importing databases into Mentat from a variety of body-measurement sources in DXF, IGES, and other neutral file formats.
We are pleased to be a partner of Intellicom, a recognized leader in providing Internet access to the global broadband access market," said Kay Guyer, president of Mentat.
Likewise, many task-parallel languages have been designed, such as Mentat [Grimshaw 1993] and Compositional C++ [Chandy and Kesselman 1992].