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(After the human computers in Frank Herbert's SF classic, "Dune") An object-oriented distributed language developed at the University of Virginia some time before Dec 1987. Mentat is an extension of C++ and is portable to a variety of MIMD architectures.

By 1994 Mentat was available for Sun-3, Sun-4, iPSC/2 with plans for Mach, iPSC860, RS/6000 and Iris. The language is now (May 1998) supported in a new project, Legion.

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["Mentat: An Object-Oriented Macro Data Flow System", A. Grimshaw <> et al, SIGPLAN Notices 22(12):35-47, Dec 1987, OOPSLA '87].
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SMS engineers perform numerous complex calculations and simulations when designing and constructing plants for its clients, using MSC Marc and Mentat software.
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Los medios de comunicacion pueden jugar un papet proactivo en ayudar a prevenir et suicidio at pubticar ta siguiente informacion junto con noticias sobre et suicidio: Lista de servicios de satud mentat y tineas tetefonicas de ayuda disponibtes con sus numeros tetefonicos y direcciones actuatizados, pubticitar tas senates de advertencia det comportamiento suicida, transmitir mensajes sobre ta frecuente asociacion entre ta depresion y et comportamiento suicida, siendo ta depresion una condicion tratabte, ofrecer un mensaje de sotidaridad a tos sobrevivientes en momentos de profundo dotor, proporcionando numeros de tetefono de tos grupos de apoyo para sobrevivientes, si tos hay.
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"Dune and Philosophy: Weirding Way of the Mentat" breaks down Dune and the philosophy that was woven into it by its famed author Frank Herbert.
The Baron even gloats about his success as he and his Mentat, a kind of human computer named Piter, loom over Jessica after she comes to powerless consciousness:
Alredadod del 10% de lor neonatos Sintomaticos presenta compltcationer de tnitio taedio en varioe organos como retar do mentat perdida audicion o mcapatidad para el aprendizaje.
QoS became devalued as an asset." <p>As a result, Packeteer, which specialized in traffic shaping, bought up Mentat in 2004 and Tacit in 2006 for their TCP acceleration and caching technologies, respectively, to round out Packeteer's offerings.