Meore Dasi

Meore Dasi


(Second Group), a social and intellectual movement in Georgia in the 19th century.

In 1877, the Meore Dasi separated from the democratic movement known as Tergdaleulebi (Georgian generation of the 1860’s). The Meore Dasi included N. Nikoladze, G. Tsereteli, S. Meskhi, and O. Bakradze. The movement’s members shared many views of the Utopian socialists and Russian revolutionary democrats.

The members of the Meore Dasi criticized, from a democratic standpoint, the negative aspects of capitalism. They represented the interests of the rising Georgian bourgeoisie and they propagated their views in progressive newspapers and magazines, such as Droeba (Time), Tiflisskii vestnik (The Tiflis Herald), Obzor (Review), Moambe (The Herald), and Kvali (The Furrow).


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