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'Without any helpinghand, it is very difficult forme to rear yaks,' he says.'Since Merak falls under the protected area (SaktengWildlife Sanctuary), there are lots of predators and wehave no means to keep themaway from our domesticanimals.'And young brokpas no longer want to rear yaks.'They want to lead modern lifestyles,' says ApSangay.And it is little wonderthat over the years, the number of Brokpa families rearing yak and leading their livestock between mountains in summer and lowland pastures in winter has decreased.MerakGup LamaRinchen says that apart fromother causes like climate change and insufficient pastures, education is rapidly transformingMerak.
The Bora's launch was followed a year later by the Merak, a similar looking, yet uniquely distinctive offshoot that used considerable content from Citron.
The plot of Reyog staging is Warok, then Jatilan, Bujangganong, Kelana Sewandana, then Barongan or Dhadak Merak at the end.
"The Maserati Merak really stood out, as did the two Series 1 E-types, and it was really pleasing to sell all three.
The decision, which will affect approximately 50 local employees, was driven by the Merak facility's financial performance over the past few years.
The two stars furthest from the handle are called Dubhe and Merak.
Caption: Following pages: 4 Mother and Child from Merak. The twin villages of Merak and Sakteng are the remotest settlements in the eastern part of the country.
Having cost about $2bn, this is an olefins complex, the first of its kind in Indonesia, built in Merak, Cilegon, in west Java as a JV called PT Chandra Asri.
Meanwhile, Deputy Parliament Speaker and MHP ystanbul deputy Merak AkE-ener also came to the hospital to visit the injured members of the party.
The two stars forming the end of the bowl opposite the handle are Merak and Dubhe, the Pointers, pointing to the North Star, Polaris.
AURALIC's growing family of products includes the GEMINI Headphone Docks, the VEGA Digital Audio Processor with Class-A preamplification, the 400-Watt MERAK Monoblock Power Amplifier, the TAURUS PRE Balanced ClassA Line Stage Preamplifier and the TAURUS MK II balanced Class-A headphone amplifier.
They are now in a hotel in the port of Merak under lock and key all day, with only a brief respite while their rooms are cleaned.