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(from the name of the English inventor John Mercer, 1791-1866).

(1) A stage in the production of viscose; it consists in the treatment of cellulose with a concentrated aqueous solution of NaOH at 20°-60°C to produce alkaline cellulose. The process takes place in apparatus with periodic action (bath presses) or continuous action. A bath press is a metal tank in which the sheets of cellulose are pressed by a piston after treatment with alkali. The apparatus is designed for a load of 250-500 kg of cellulose; the operation cycle is approximately 2 hr. The output of a continuous mercerizing machine is usually 25 tons per day.

(2) The treatment of cotton fabrics or other cellulose fibrous materials with a concentrated aqueous solution of NaOH (usually at 15°-18°C) to add luster and increase dyeing capacity and strength. The process takes place on a machine that dips the material in the NaOH solution and then presses and washes it. Such machines have a device to stretch the fabrics, which shrink after treatment. Fabrics are mercerized in the unbleached state or after boiling or bleaching.

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Mercerizing also gives cotton cloth increased tensile strength, greater absorptive properties, and, usually, a high degree of lustre, depending on the method used.
With their new DIMENSA mercerizing range they acquired a heat exchanger, which enables a possible heat recovery up to 50% and therefore reduces energy consumption accordingly.
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AURORA hanks mercerizing machine equiped with robotized hanks loading/unloading system is supplied with fully automatic caustic lye preparation technology to guarantee the best and most uniform results in the easiest way, while improving the brilliancy, strength, dimensional stability and dyeing affinity of the cotton yarns.
Mercerizing section adds a caustic box plus skying rollers to provide proper reaction time before washing.
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Goller sets the benchmark for the new mercerizing line to enhance and upgrade the product quality for better luster, even shrinkage over the width, low tension fabric transport and automatic control for lye concentration and temperature.
Benninger as a competent supplier of a comprehensive range of textile wet finishing plants places great emphasis on the quality requirements of dyeing in the pretreatment of the fabric, by the BEN-BLEACH concept and the BEN-DIMENSA mercerizing range.