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a Russian 18-gun brig of the Black Sea Fleet that distinguished itself under the command of Lieutenant Commander A. I. Kazarskii in the Russo-Turkish War of 1828-29.

On May 14 (26), 1829 the Merkurii, pursued by a Turkish squadron (six ships of the line, two frigates, and two corvettes), entered into an unequal battle with the ships of the line Selimie (110 guns) and Real Bey (74 guns) near the Bosporus. The Merkurii inflicted severe damage on the enemy, forcing the enemy ships to lie adrift, and escaped from pursuit. The ship was awarded the ensign of St. George. In memory of the valor of the Merkurii, several ships of the Black Sea Fleet were later named Pamiat* Merkuriia.


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Ne upotreblyat' slov "humanism" i "obschechelovecheskie tsennosti" prozval uchastnikov XX Rozhdestvenskih chtenii v Moskve glava OROiMP mitropolit Rostovskii Merkurii [Metropolit Merkurii appealed to the participants of the 20th Christams readings not to use the words 'humanism' and 'all-human values'].
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