Meromorphic Function

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meromorphic function

[¦mer·ə¦mȯr·fik ′fəŋk·shən]
A function of complex variables which is analytic in its domain of definition save at a finite number of points which are poles.

Meromorphic Function


a function that can be represented in the form of a quotient of two entire functions, that is, the quotient of the sums of two everywhere convergent power series. Meromorphic functions include many important functions and classes of functions (rational functions, trigonometric functions, elliptic functions, the gamma function, the zeta function).

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In this paper, we investigate some properties of subclasses of multivalent meromorphic functions which are defined by the linear operator [mathematical expression not reproducible].
The Weyl solution and Weyl function are meromorphic functions having simple poles at points [[lambda].sub.n] eigenvalues of problem (1.1), (1.2).
which are two asymptotically periodic meromorphic functions along the real axis.
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Nevanlinna, also called Nevanlinna theory, is a very useful tool for studying both the growth of meromorphic functions in the complex plane C and meromorphic solutions of differential equations, see for instance the Clunie lemma (cf.
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In this paper, the concept of bi-univalency is extended to the class of meromorphic functions defined on
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Thus the function s [member of] M(s, c, [LAMBDA])([xi]) is a function of s [member of] V/[LAMBDA] (a periodic function of s) whose values are meromorphic functions of [xi].