Marin Mersenne

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Marin Mersenne
BirthplaceOizé, Maine
Known for Acoustics

Mersenne, Marin


Born Sept. 8, 1588, in Oizé, Maine; died Sept. 1, 1648, in Paris. French physicist.

Mersenne was educated in a Jesuit school and subsequently entered the Order of St. Francis. He lived in the order’s monasteries, where he taught philosophy and theology. Mersenne studied various physical phenomena, and his most significant works dealt with musical acoustics. He was the first to determine the propagation velocity of sound in the atmosphere. He also proposed a scheme for a reflecting telescope. Mersenne conducted an extensive correspondence with prominent scientists of his day, including Galileo, R. Descartes, C. Huygens, B. Pascal, E. Torricelli, P. de Fermat, and P. Gassendi. This correspondence promoted the dissemination and discussion of scientific discoveries and the establishment of contacts between scientists.


Traité de l’harmonie universelle, oú est contenue la musique theorique et pratique des anciens et modernes. Paris, 1627.
Correspondance du P. Marin Mersenne Réligieux minime, vols. 1–11. Published by Mme Paul Tannery. Paris, 1932–70.
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So that you don't have to go through the process of verifying it for yourself, an online collaboration called Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) - whose software Pace was running - already did that.
In his Harmonie universelle (Paris, 1636), Marin Mersenne discusses the voice and acoustics extensively, but says little about the ear and provides no anatomic illustrations.
Fletcher Morgan advised Henry Boot Developments, whilst the purchaser, Mersenne Properties, was represented by Mark Atkins Associates.
Asi mismo, al estudiar el rol de las tablas numericas en Galileo Galilei y Marin Mersenne, Domenico Bertoloni-Meli (2004) observa que ellas se ajustan a diferentes propositos.
We use Mersenne twister as a random number generator.
Ante la conexion entre irregularidades dieteticas y la eventualidad de enfermar, no es de extranar que Descartes se preocupara por el regimen que su amigo Mersenne debia seguir en sus visitas a Italia--los viajes "[...] son incomodos y los cambios en la forma de vida son peligrosos para la salud" (33), o que advirtiera a Huygens del peligro que representaba para su salud la falta de apetito que manifestaba por la enfermedad de su esposa (34).
We have two popular pseudorandom generator choices as a base generator: LCG and Mersenne Twister, because of the good statistical properties [26].
To evaluate the integral in (16), we used the Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator [22] with N= 1.2 x [10.sup.10].
"Certainty about these question is regrettably elusive, and thus the beginnings of Wallis's thinking about music and the exact nature of his reliance on the writings of others are to some degree irrecoverable." Nevertheless, "what is certain is that by the end of May 1664 he had read some of the key texts: Ptolemy and Euclid among the ancients; Boethius, Kepler, Mersenne, and very probably Descartes among the moderns.
Our proposal is based on the Mersenne Twister (MT) [18]; which has properties that are feasible in low-cost tags.
I show them my original editions of Mattheson, Werckmeister, Kircher, Purcell, Mersenne, d'Anglebert, Lully, Zarlino, Quantz, C.