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Ivan . 1883--1962, US sculptor, born in Austria: his works include portraits of Sir Thomas Beecham and Pope Pius XI
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Novakovich's transnational perspective on the war in Croatia is developed against the backdrop of what Mestrovic has called the emergence of a "postemotional society." Mestrovic (1997:1) argues that in the postmodern era of "the mechanization of emotional life," emotional responses are often incommensurate with the event that instigated them.
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Kovacic's flat is fascinating as a survival, complete with his drawings, photographs and personal relics, including, poignantly, visiting cards left by his friend Adolf Loos and by Ruza, the wife of the great sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. But it is also remarkable in terms of planning, and taste.
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For p > 1 and n = 1, these characterizations were considered by Mestrovic [8].
670-695) (Mestrovic, 1998), che e un'opera interessante per le sue critiche rivolte alle tesi di Giddens, sebbene siano sviluppate ai limiti dell'oltraggio.
The molecular phylogenetic analysis confirmed, in agreement with the molecular analysis of Mestrovic et al.
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Pour d'autres, la conceptualisation durkheimienne de la societe correspond a la conception talmudique de Dieu (Filloux 1977) ou le projet d'une science de la morale traduit la notion talmudique de la justice sociale (Schoenfled et Mestrovic 1989).