Metal Structure

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Structure, Metal


the arrangement and interrelation of the constituents of a metal or alloy. The structure can be observed with the unaided eye or at low magnification well enough to establish the presence and distribution of macrodefects, pores, and nonmetallic inclusions, as well as the distribution and shape of the larger grains.-Light and electron microscopes can be used to study a metal’s microstructure, which is characterized by the dimensions, shape, relative position, and relative number of the crystals (grains) of various phases. Electron and X-ray diffraction can be used to study the finer details of structure, which are a function of the arrangement of dislocations and accumulations of dislocations and of the arrangement of subboundaries within the grains. Metal structure is sometimes understood to mean the structure of the crystal lattice of a metal or alloy phase.

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28 at 13:18 local time during the construction of Riviera new shopping center on Nurafshon Street in the Almazar district of Tashkent a metal structure collapsed.
External cladding has been installed for the station, and its roof cladding and metal structure have also been installed.
The contractor has finished the installation of the metal structure and roof cladding, and the completion rate has almost reached 57% and while the progress on electromechanical works has reached 25%.
More than half of the work on Al Furjan station has been completed with the installation of the metal structure and roof cladding.
In recent weeks, a Super Puma helicopter was drafted in to lift sections of mast to be put into position by workers strapped to the metal structure.
A spokesman for the Met Office told The Chronicle on Wednesday afternoon it was impossible to tell in advance whether a storm would lead to lightning strikes - but that being atop a large metal structure might not be the ideal place to be.
It says 64-year-old Adriana Ribeiro de Jesus died of a chest wound after the metal structure that served as the exit from the food court collapsed late Saturday during a burst of strong winds.
Razor has a metal structure covered in moulded expanded polyurethane and curved metal legs; the covering is in leather or completely removable fabric.
It features high bending workability and a low Young's modulus made possible by Furukawa Electric's proprietary metal structure control technologies.
In respect of dynamic computations, a crane is a united dynamic system that consists of mechanisms, supporting metal structure, drive and a structural unit of the part of the building where the crane operates.
Workmen fenced off a children's play area next to a football pitch - but ran the metal structure right through one of the goals.
Drivers using the existing A38 pass under one of the new 'bat bridges' which consists of a metal structure with wires and mesh stretched in a V-shape.