metal forming

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metal forming

[′med·əl ‚fȯrm·iŋ]
Any manufacturing process by which parts of components are fabricated by shaping or molding a piece of metal stock.

Metal forming

Manufacturing processes by which parts or components are fabricated from metal stock. In the specific technical sense, metal forming involves changing the shape of a piece of metal. In general terms, however, it may be classified roughly into five categories: mechanical working, such as forging, extrusion, rolling, drawing, and various sheet-forming processes; casting; powder and fiber metal forming; electroforming; and joining processes. See Drawing of metal, Extrusion, Forging, Metal casting, Metal rolling, Powder metallurgy

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The guest editors hope the information provided in this special issue is useful and offers stimulation to the new development of modern engineered materials and technologies for metal forming applications.
"We are proud to be using our metal forming expertise to help take this project forward and were honoured to be awarded the world's rst production license.
"Grenville's expertise in the area of structural castings enhances our already diverse range of metal forming solutions."
Currently they manufacture money changers for the vending industry, auxiliary machinery products for mini steel mills, and have metal forming plants.
Key words: Single point incremental sheet metal forming, Rapid prototyping, Finite element analysis.
The seeds of rotomolding sprang from metal forming. A British patent granted in 1855 to R.
The funding has helped the company to invest in metal forming technology which will boost its manufacturing capability.
provides process improvement services to the metal forming industry including the "big three" automotive manufacturers--General Motors, Ford Motor Company and DaimlerChrysler, as well as many of North America's largest lubricant manufacturers.
To overcome such limitations and facilitate the manufacturing of aircraft structural components, the Lasershot Precision Metal Forming System: A Revolution in Modern Aircraft Manufacturing was developed.
The book has a chapter on each of the principal industrial processes -- extrusions, castings, sheet metal forming, composites, glass and testing.
This provides a fine degree of control over hot metal forming processes, thereby promoting increased manufacturing quality.