Metalcutting Machine Tools, Experimental Scientific Research Institute

Metalcutting Machine Tools, Experimental Scientific Research Institute of (ENIMS)


an institute under the auspices of the Ministry of the Machine-tool and Instrument Industry of the USSR. Founded in Moscow in 1933 from the Research Institute of Machine Tools and Instruments and the Central Machine Tool Design Bureau.

ENIMS works on the theoretical foundations of machine-tool building and conducts research to generate modern designs for machine tools; it also produces experimental models of machine tools, which are then tested and refined for subsequent mass production in the machine-building industry. The institute has the Vilnius and Transcaucasia (Yerevan) branches, as well as the Stankokonstruktsiia Experimental Plant in Moscow, with branches in Vilnius and Yerevan. The institute has a graduate program, with resident and correspondence instruction, and it accepts doctoral and candidate’s dissertations for defense. The institute systematically publishes scientific papers in the form of abstracts of institute studies and collections of papers by graduate students, instructional and information materials, and indus-trial standards. It was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1971.