sheet construction material consisting of a metal strip (sheet) coated with a polymer film on one or both sides. The average thickness of the metal strip is 0.3–1.2 mm, and of the polymer film, 0.05–1.0 mm. Most sheet-metal construction materials (steel, aluminum, aluminum alloys, and titanium) are suitable for the preparation of metalloplast. The film may be made of polyolefins, fluoroplastics, polyamides, or plasticized polyvinyl chloride.

Metalloplast is produced by gluing the prepared film onto a metal strip, immersion of the strip in a polymer melt, application of a polymer paste to the metal, or spraying with a powdered polymer. The coating may be monochromatic or polychromatic and smooth or textured; it may also simulate expensive types of wood, marble, and other materials. Metalloplast does not stratify upon deformation of the metal during stamping, bending, or notching. The resulting products need no anticorrosion protection or decorative finishing.

Metalloplast was first produced in Germany in the early 1940’s. It is used in construction for finishing buildings, balcony railings, roofs, gutters, and internal wall facings; in the manufacture of door and window frames; and in the production of automobile bodies and housings for refrigerators, washing machines, radios, and televisions. Metalloplast is also used in the manufacture of containers for storing aggressive materials, as well as for the internal finishing of the passenger compartments of aircraft, railroad cars, and vans.


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