Metallurgical Plants, Institute for the Design of

Metallurgical Plants, Institute for the Design of


(Gipromez; full name, State Union Institute for the Design of Metallurgical Plants), an institute run by the Ministry of Ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR.

Gipromez, which was founded in 1926, is the principal institute involved in the design of ferrous metallurgical plants. Its staff develops integrated project reports for the renovation of existing plants and the construction of new plants in the USSR and abroad. Plans are also drawn for the future development of Soviet ferrous metallurgy and distribution of metal works in the USSR, and for long-range development of various economic regions, plants, and types of products. New production processes are designed in collaboration with other research institutes.

Gipromez is located in Moscow; as of 1975, it had a branch in Lipetsk, the Karaganda division in Temirtau, and a design section in Tula. Gipromez designs have been used in the construction of steel and iron works in Magnitogorsk, Nizhnii Tagil, and Karaganda, as well as the New Lipetsk and Western Siberian metallurgical works. Gipromez also designed the Nowa Huta and Huta Warszawa plants in the Polish People’s Republic, the Danube Metallurgical Works in the Hungarian People’s Republic, the Kremikovtsi Metallurgical Combine in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, steel and iron works in Bhilai and Bokaro in India, the Ariamehre plant in Iran, and the Hulwan (Helwan) combine in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Independent technological design institutes have evolved from former branches of Gipromez: Lengipromez (Leningrad), Ukrgipromez (Ukraine), Cheliabgipromez (Cheliabinsk), Magnitogorsk Gipromez, Sibgipromez (Siberia), and Gruzgipromez (Georgian SSR).

Gipromez publishes the collection of works Proektirovanie zavodov chernoi metallurgii (Design of Ferrous Metallurgical Plants). In its first years of existence, the institute also designed nonferrous metallurgical plants and machine-building plants. On the basis of these departments of the institute, Giprotsvet-met (State Institute for the Design of Enterprises of the Nonferrous Metallurgy Industry) and Gipromash (State Institute for the Design of Machine-building Plants) were organized in 1930, and Giproruda (State Institute for the Design of Enterprises of the Ore-mining Industry) in 1932.

Gipromez was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1971.