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the part of logic that deals with the meta-theoretical study of the structure and properties of different logical theories.

Metalogic arose at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century as a result of investigations into the foundations of the deductive sciences (primarily mathematics). As these investigations became more specialized, metalogic divided into two separate branches: syntactics and semantics. The syntactic branch, which deals with the examination of purely structural properties of calculi, includes primarily the theory of (formal) proofs (or metamathematics) and the theory of the definability of concepts. The second branch of metalogic, which divides into a theory of sense and a theory of reference (theory of meaning), constitutes logical semantics. The emergence of an independent theory of algebraic content—the model theory—was a result of A. Tarski’s basic work in logical semantics dealing with the notion of truth in formalized languages.

Metalogic also includes the interesting problem of the relation between extensional and intensional languages, which served as the starting point for the new discipline of pragmatics.


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Metalogic has also secured a major contract with Japan's Nippon Steel, the second largest steel manufacturer in the world, and is set to install IT systems at 21 of its divisions including manufacturing bases across Asia, Europe, America and Africa.
He concluded by stating that "Work in Crummellian metalogic opens up enormously interesting questions about black reason for the formal cognitive sciences--logic, mathematics, and linguistics--a development that is long past due" (Thompson, 2007:100).
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7) It is no accident that both of these decisive results of metalogic rely on what Turing calls an application of the "diagonal procedure," in which the enumerability of syntax (here: of standard descriptions) is the key to the possibility of an application of the regular structure of a symbolic system to "itself," and hence to produce a particular local configuration (the Godel sentence or Turing's machine H) that stands, almost paradoxically, both within and without the system whose logic it captures.
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They continue to present material in a two-semester format, the first on computability theory (enumerability, diagonalization, Turing compatibility, uncomputability, abacus computability, recursive functions, recursive sets and relations, equivalent definitions of computability) and basic metalogic (syntax, semantics, the undecidability of first-order logic, models and their existence, proofs and completeness, arithmetization, representability of recursive functions, indefinability, undecidability, incompleteness and the unprobability of inconsistency).
Arguments proffered at the same level of logic can only be resolved in the language of the metasystem, that is a metalanguage which is stated in a metalogic, that is a logic of a higher-level than the one in which the conflict takes place.
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Among these are generalizations in metalogic, such as that all instances of the deMorgan laws are true.
Luhmann finds in the paradoxes of distinction a metalogic that supplements Aristotelian orthodoxy by transcending the law of non-contradiction.
Furthermore, organizational learning often has been viewed as a stimulus-response framework in which the environment provided a source of variation and the metalogic, theory of action, or interpretive system of the organization provides a selection mechanism.