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One of the posterior of three pairs of vertebrate renal structures; persists as the definitive or permanent kidney in adult reptiles, birds, and mammals.



a paired excretory organ in reptiles, birds, mammals, and man that replaces the mesonephros in the course of embryonic development.

The uriniferous tubules of the metanephros form from the nonsegmented posterior part of the nephrotome; unlike the uriniferous tubules of the mesonephros, they begin at the malpighian corpuscles. The ends of the tubules of the metanephros open not into the wolffian duct, as in the mesonephros, but into the ureter, an outgrowth of it.

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In dorsal mesonephros, primary metanephros kidneys were located (Figure 1) so this structure in fetus that CRL was 30 mm also was observed adhered in their vicinity under vertebral column (Figure 2,3).
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The metanephros or so-called permanent kidney in part provisional and vestigial.