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One of the posterior of three pairs of vertebrate renal structures; persists as the definitive or permanent kidney in adult reptiles, birds, and mammals.



a paired excretory organ in reptiles, birds, mammals, and man that replaces the mesonephros in the course of embryonic development.

The uriniferous tubules of the metanephros form from the nonsegmented posterior part of the nephrotome; unlike the uriniferous tubules of the mesonephros, they begin at the malpighian corpuscles. The ends of the tubules of the metanephros open not into the wolffian duct, as in the mesonephros, but into the ureter, an outgrowth of it.

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sup][7] In our study, we aimed to explore the effect of CsA on the development of metanephros in the pregnant BALB/c mice.
By 55 days of age (Figure 4-5) the mesonephros has regressed and the metanephros has begun producing urine.
The problem occurs when the ureteric bud fails to make contact with the metanephros or if two ureteric buds arise from the mesonephric duct.
Histologic Assessment of Maturation of Kidneys Glomerulogenesis begins in the metanephros at about 14 to 16 weeks' gestation as a result of stimulation from the penetrating ureteric bud so that a multilobulated primitive kidney forms.
Metanephros The permanent kidney that develops from the uretic buds of the embryo.
In an 18 mm fetus, the developing mesonephros, metanephros, suprarenal glands and gonads are supplied by nine pairs of lateral mesonephric arteries arising from the dorsal aorta.