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an architectural complex in Thessaly, Greece, consisting of 24 monasteries and sketes situated on cliffs.

The principal monasteries, which most likely arose in the 12th century, were built primarily during the 14th to 18th centuries. The monasteries, whose architecture and frescoes resemble those of Mount Athos, include Great Meteoron (1387–88), Ayios Nikolaos (c. 1388), Ayia Triada (1438), and Barlaam (1517).


Puteshestvie v meteorskie i osoolimpiiskie monastyri v Fessalii arkhimandrita Porfiriia Uspenskogo v 1859 godu. St. Petersburg, 1896.
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At the top of AnastasiaDate's adventurous list is the town of Kalampaka and the world-famous Meteora monasteries located nearby.
Not to get you totally fazed from digressions to digressions--nothing is linear, the characters almost never move toward the central point--there are distinctions and snippets of truth, but there are a lot of them, one other after the other: There is a subdued voice of grief hidden between an ale's one-liners, two-syllables, sound bites from wars like tatatatatatata, a radio announcer with bad diction, a radio announcer with good diction, a radio announcer,a goddamn Meteora, and a volcanic erup--no, wait.
One of the 24 monasteries built atop of the mountains of Meteora, 5,000 feet above sea level Day 4 took us through some spectacular scenery around the Arkadian Mountains.
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Supply of liquid fuels (diesel) for the needs of meteora municipal vehicles, for the years 2019 - 2020 one (1) year after the signing of the contract .
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The region is surrounded by traditional villages and historical sites dotted throughout the countryside, including the dramatic Holy Meteora Monastery featured in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.
141, Omaha, IL" by Jon Montgomery, and "Meteora Greece" by Brittany Elswick.
Barbara of Roussanou's Greek Orthodox monastery perches at the edge of a towering hilltop in Meteora, Greece.
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