Weather Station

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weather station

[′weth·ər ‚stā·shən]
A place and facility for the observation, measurement, and recording and transmission of data of the variable elements of weather; one of the most effective network facilities is that of the U.S. Weather Bureau.

Weather Station


(also meteorological station), station where regular observations of atmospheric conditions are made. These observations include measurements of the values of meteorological elements at specified times and determinations of the basic characteristics (the beginning, end, and intensity) of atmospheric phenomena. The first weather stations were established as early as the 18th century, when individual scientists or scientific societies began to make systematic weather observations. In the 19th century, after the establishment of central meteorological institutes, in particular, the Main Physical Observatory in St. Petersburg (1849), weather stations were directed centrally and had a common program of observations.

A weather station has a meteorological platform where most of the instruments are mounted (a shelter with thermometers and hygrometers, instruments that measure wind speed and direction, precipitation gauges, soil thermometers, and so on). It also has a service building where barometers, recorders for remote instruments, and portable instruments are located and data are processed. The observations are made in accordance with a standard program during a ten-minute interval every three or six hours or in some cases hourly. The data thus obtained are coded and transmitted in the form of a numerical message to specified locations (the weather bureau, aviation weather stations, and so on). In addition to the standard observations many weather stations make agrometeorological observations and measure the intensity of solar radiation (direct, scattered, and total), the radiation balance, the amount of moisture evaporated from the soil, and the like. There are also weather stations on ships, and automatic stations operate on buoys in the open sea and in uninhabited areas.

The data from these observations are used to make forecasts, give warnings of phenomena that are harmful for the national economy, study the climate and changes in it, and provide information about the weather directly to organizations. In the USSR the basic network of weather stations is part of the Hydrometeorological Service of the USSR.


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where [Y'.sub.ri] x [A'.sub.i], and [R'.sub.i] are the standardized values of the average yield loss rate ([Y.sub.r]) and the average planting area (A) of winter wheat in each county obtained in step (b) and the correlation coefficient of SPAP with yield (R) for the ith meteorological station. According to the obtained SPAP_thresholds, the winter wheat waterlogging severity could be classified into three grades, that is, no, mild, and moderate-to-severe waterlogging.
We then check for data integrity from the Meteorological station, if some filling is required this is done by interpolation with adjoining days (Long).
The storm is not expected to move northwestward at a speed of 15 to 20 km per hour as it weakens, the meteorological station said to ( Xinhua news agency
After processing the TOA data of all 16 meteorological stations comparing the same day results of the measurement and the monthly average values, and after calculating the linear correlation coefficients between TOA data of Lithuania and neighbouring countries, it was revealed that in general, the variation tendencies of measurement results taken at Kaunas Meteorological Station were similar to annual variation tendencies of the investigated neighbouring countries: many of 201 linear correlation coefficients had a strong correlation--more than 0.9; 43 coefficients are between 0.8-0.9 (strong); 10 coefficients were between 0.7-0.8 (strong) and only 2 coefficients were less than 0.7 (weak) (Table 2).
The project involves a mobile tracking PV test facility, a meteorological station and a building-integrated PV testbed.
They were able to establish the pair were sheltering in a former meteorological station and gave them directions by phone.
The agency's local meteorological station said an immediate eruption is not expected but there is always a chance of sudden, small-scale eruption at the summit as the volcanic activity has yet to come to an end.
However, a prototype machine has been set to work at weather forecasting by the Beijing Meteorological Station and other likely applications are said to include oil prospecting, genetic engineering and nuclear weapons development.
The most significant was that of those 28 records, ten exceeded the value of 36 degrees Celsius, with a maximum of 37.7 degrees Celsius at the meteorological station of Veguitas, in the province of Granma.
On the southwest slope of Kojscaronovka (about 240 m from the meteorological station) stand the 49 Pillars of Peace which mark the location of Slovakia on the 49th parallel and symbolise the preservation of peace in Europe.

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