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see European Space AgencyEuropean Space Agency
(ESA), multinational agency dedicated to the promotion, for exclusively peaceful purposes, of cooperation among European states in space research and technology.
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The EUMETSAT Director-General, Alain Ratier, said: "MSG-4 was the tenth Meteosat satellite successfully launched by Ariane and it will be essential for the smooth transition to Meteosat Third Generation.
Meteosat infrared temperatures exhibited a wide zone of coastal upwelling <12[degrees]C and land temperatures above 22[degrees]C.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Meteosat weather satellites have provided valuable data in correlating rainfall and the amount of green vegetation with the density of the mosquito population.
Coarser resolution (3 km) but broader coverage TIR data from European Meteosat geostationary satellites can be used to map ET at regional scales, covering the Nile Basin and even the full African continent.
(222.) See, e.g., Richard Bagehot, Copyright Protection of Satellite Originating Data Under UK Law, in Eumetsat Workshop, supra note 178, at 249-50, 253 (describing the METEOSAT satellite of the 1980s as producing photographic images with a "radiometer telescope which examines the earth by producing three spectral band images on a series of east to west scans in small steps from south to north," at 250, and that "[t]he Satellite makes its scans automatically and without human intervention, and there is no human influence whereby any scan, or the half hourly composite of the world scans, becomes an artistic or literary work at the moment of transmission").
Noteworthy examples are the first cloud mask developed by the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP: Rossow, Schiffer 1991), the Meteosat (Desbois et al.
Asi pues, las proporcionadas por el conocido satelite Meteosat son frecuente que aparezcan pero tambien las de los satelites Goes o NOAA (4).
and van der Marel, H.: 2004, Synergetic use of GPS water vapor and meteosat images for synoptic weather forecasting.
He added: "And from a Eumetsat perspective, this really emphasises the crucial role of the Meteosat Third Generation mission which is now being debated.
The European weather satellite Meteosat 8, on the other hand, had clearly detected the explosion with its 3.9micron infrared water-vapour radiometer.
The fireball also showed up as indistinct blips in nighttime visual and infrared images acquired by the European Space Agency's Meteosat 8 weather satellite.