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And while the streets outside are still awash with heroin, Joe maintains that cocaine, methodone and benzos (prescription drugs) are being abused more and more.
The white thing took her breath, she let it slide, it recognized what to do; after it started no change, seeing you was methodone for seeing you.
He also had a level of methodone in his body that was enough to kill him, as well as traces of morphine from heroin, cocaine, cannabinoid and other drugs.
The court was told that she had been heavily intoxicated on both occasions and was under the influence of alcohol, methodone and street Valium the day after being released on bail.
Mr Wildridge said that Johnson had been dependent on heroin, but started a methodone programme which saw his offending ease.
Thomas Kavanagh, 40, raided the chemist after he panicked when he smashed his bottle of methodone.
Drugs including two 19ml green bottles of Methodone and two 60ml clear bottles of Floxateen antidepressants were taken from the boot of a white Vauxhall Astra in the car park of The Swanswell in Swanswell Street, Hillfields.
The mum has since started on a methodone programme.
The Shetland Dogs Against Drugs initiative was sparked when 21-year-old islander John Farquhar died from a methodone overdose last year.
Pathologist Tony Caslin said he found evidence of methodone and heroin in Mr Williams' body.
Mr Taylor said that Lawrence had spent 113 days on curfew since the offence, and was seeking methodone treatment for a drug problem.
"He was a long-standing heroin addict, on prescribed (substitute) Methodone at the time, although he told police he was still taking heroin as well."

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