Production methods

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Production methods

Processes and techniques that are used to manufacture a product. Production methods can vary greatly, depending on the specifications of the product and the quantity required. Determining the production methods is typically part of the process-planning phase of design, that is, the steps related to converting the design into a final product. Production methods must be considered carefully and planned properly because the production cycle generally represents a large investment of time and money. See Process engineering, Product design, Production planning

The two basic forms of production systems are job-shop production (for applications where the products are made either in single units or in limited production runs) and mass production. A third production form, specific process production, is normally restricted to industries such as the chemical process industry where the processing is the product, such as distilling and refining. See Unit processes

In spite of the many advances that have been made in the methods and equipment used in manufacturing, the basic categories of manufacturing processes have remained relatively unchanged. These can be divided into seven general categories: casting and molding, shearing and forming, machining/material removal, heat treating, finishing, assembly, and inspection. However, none of these processes is totally exclusive. See Heat treatment (metallurgy), Metal casting, Metal forming, Plastics processing

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The lower strata of the middle class -- the small tradespeople, shopkeepers, retired tradesmen generally, the handicraftsmen and peasants -- all these sink gradually into the proletariat, partly because their diminutive capital does not suffice for the scale on which Modern Industry is carried on, and is swamped in the competition with the large capitalists, partly because their specialized skill is rendered worthless by the new methods of production.
And we have so revolutionized our methods of production that we now produce seven times as much coal, fourteen times as much oil and pig- iron, twenty-two times as much copper, and forty-three times as much steel.
The farmers were convinced with the business and economic promises of ube and other root productions in the province especially with the identified markets and business opportunities for these products that they were challenged to organize and embark in this enterprise so that they can improve their methods of production for a higher yield and output.
The patent allows for the protection of methods of production of generating stem cells and stem cell lines from brown adipose tissue (brown fat) under xeno-free (animal-free) conditions utilizing a proprietary differentiating medium.
Dr Sada adds: "As we enter the golden age of natural gas' with vast resources and enhanced methods of production, we believe that GTL is poised to grow further as a viable gas monetisation option".
Additionally, PCT is working with ImmunoCellular's European contract manufacturer, PharmaCell BV, to perform a technology transfer process to harmonize the EU and US methods of production of ICT-107 for the planned phase 3 registration trial.
The book includes interviews with fashion designers and gives about 60 examples of fashion and textiles from the 18th century to the present, discussing various sustainability issues such as methods of production and the exploitation of human labor and animals.
The participants learned about methods of production of documents with high security properties.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Minister for Industries and Production Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf Shiekh, said industrial units need to use energy efficient methods of production.
The amendment of the directive will help to reflect progress in methods of production and the provisions laid out by the Codex Alimentarius standard.
Faisal Hassan IbrahimThe report tackled impediments and challenges facing the animal resources and fishery sector which led to drop in the production and weakness of the competitivenessThe report touched on efforts being exerted by the ministry to achieve animal - agricultural integration, indigenization of technologies, the modern methods of production and marketing besides raising competitiveness in the livestock and fisheries' exportsThe report stressed that progress could be attained by sustainability in the current market and by access to new markets in Middle East and African regions.
The organisation aims to conserve wildlife and ensure people whose livelihoods depend on the land use sustainable methods of production.