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(organic chemistry)
CH3NH2 A colorless gas that is highly toxic and flammable; used to prepare dyes, and as a chemical intermediate.
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the simplest aliphatic amine, CH3NH2; a gas with a sharp ammoniacal odor. Boiling point, −6.3°C ; density, 0.699 g/cm3 at −10.8°C . Readily soluble in water and organic solvents. In volume concentrations of 4.95–20.75 percent, it reacts with air to form explosive mixtures. It is a strong base and exhibits all properties characteristic of primary amines. Methylamine is prepared commercially by heating formalin with ammonium chloride.

Methylamine is contained in certain plants, as well as in herring brine. It is used in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, alkaloids, and anthraquinone dyes.

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